Testing the iOS SDK Integration with TestFlight

To test your integration of the TUNE SDK for iOS, you can use TestFlight. After you upload your test build (of your mobile app) to TestFlight, invite testers to test your app by providing them with a test TUNE link (tracking link). After opening the test TUNE link on their mobile device, testers need to install the test build.

Creating a Test Profile

Before you begin testing with TestFlight, you'll need to create a test profile which enables you to repeatedly test using the same device based on the whatever unique device identifier you provide. Without a test profile, our measurement engine will block duplicate installs from the same device and therefore testing can't proceed.

Note: If you are testing using an iOS device, you'll need to set up your test profile using your IP Address as the device identifier. Do NOT use your iOS device's IFA as TestFlight randomizes the IFA of the device during testing which would block TUNE from recognizing your single test device.

Registering the Testing Device

All testers need to have TestFlight installed on their iOS device and their device registered. After they successfully complete registration, you can invite them to test the builds of your apps.

When you invite testers to test a build, TestFlight sends them an email notification with a link to download the build.

Testing Instructions

The easiest way to test TUNE with TestFlight is for the tester to send an email that includes a test TUNE link in the body of the email. Clicking this URL from a test device starts a logging session and then the tester proceeds to install the app using TestFlight.

To generate a TUNE link in your Attribution Analytics account, view the app, then click Create TUNE Link. The following URL shows a sample TUNE link:


Compose an email to yourself (or to the person testing the iOS mobile app), include the test TUNE link in the email, and then send the email.

From the iOS test device, open the email and click the TUNE link to start a logging session. While the TUNE link may redirect users to the production version of the mobile app (on the Apple® iTunes® App Store), TUNE still logs the conversion properly, so long as the TUNE link is opened from the same iOS test device.

After a logging session starts on the iOS test device, open the email from TestFlight (that includes the URL to download the build to test), and then install the test build of the app.

Test the installation of the app by opening it. Proceed to the point where the measureSession and/or measureAction methods are called, which is when TUNE records the conversion and associates it with the click event. Log in to TUNE and check the Install and/or Event Reports to see if TUNE logged the install and/or event properly.

When this testing process proves successful (click and install events for your mobile app are being logged properly in your TMC account), you are ready to update the production version of your mobile app in the iTunes App Store.