Spike of Total Installs on the First Day

If your total installs spike on the first day of launching the SDK in your mobile app (when you publish your mobile app Live in the Apple iTunes App Store, Google Play Store, or Amazon Appstore for Android™) and then suddenly drop again, then it’s likely that the code to differentiate app “installs” versus “updates” is not properly implemented within the SDK.

For information about how to properly handle existing users, please visit Handling Existing Users prior to SDK implementation.

Specifically, the local preference (that you set months or years ago) was not present until you implemented the SDK, which already handles differentiating “installs” verses “updates” after you implement the SDK and submit your mobile app to an app store. Use an old preference in the code so that the SDK can differentiate the installs that occurred prior to SDK implementation.

If you do not indicate to the SDK or MAT platform that a user already installed the app prior to SDK implementation, then MAT logs the update as an install (thereby potentially attributing the install to an advertising partner or publisher even though they’re already a user of your app), which can impact reporting accuracy and possibly require you to pay the partner for installs that you already acquired. This issue can also create discrepancies when you reconcile your reports with iTunes or Google Play.