Settings for Pre-Loaded Apps

To attribute pre-loaded apps, the TUNE SDK provides a setter method for sending (or “hard-coding”) the partner info for attribution and subsequent postbacks. If multiple partners are pre-loading your mobile app, then you can create a partner-specific build of your app for distribution to each publishing partner (where each build includes different partner settings, respective to the particular partner). The partner-specific build is what the partner pre-loads onto the desired devices.

For information about more custom setter methods, please visit the Custom SDK Settings.

Select a preferred platform.
Select a preferred platform.

Make sure you use the setter ONLY for the first app open event, and not subsequent events/requests and MUST be excluded in the build for Google Play Store submission. 

If you include the hard-coded attribution parameters for all measure sessions or other requests, then all requests are attributed accordingly (to the same hard-coded partner, such as AT&T). Therefore re-engagement does not work because the attribution information is already present/set, which prevents the SDK from collecting new attribution data. The following flowchart shows how the attribution parameters should only be set with the first request.

 For more conceptual information about how to attribute pre-installed apps, please visit Attributing Pre-Loaded Apps.