Settings for Event Characteristics

The following table shows a complete list of all the Event Characteristics setter methods that you can call in the AA SDK. To find the appropriate calls, select the platform/plugin that your app supports. For information about more custom setter methods please visit the Custom SDK Settings forum.

Event Characteristics
Parameter Type Description
Content ID String To pass in the Event Content ID (International Article Number (EAN) when applicable, or other product or content identifier), you can set the Content ID by calling the setEventContentId method for the SDK.
Content Type String To pass in the Event Content Type (for example, “shoes”), you can set the Content Type by calling the setEventContentType method for the SDK.
Date 1 Datetime To pass the date of the Event, you can set the first Date by calling thesetEventDate1 method for the SDK.
Date 2 Datetime To pass a second date for the Event, you can set the second Date by calling the setEventDate2 method for the SDK.
Level Integer To pass in the Event level, you can set the Level by calling thesetEventLevel method for the SDK.
Quantity Integer To pass in a Quantity tied to the Event, you can set the Quantity by calling the setEventQuantity method for the SDK.
Rating Double To pass in a Rating for an Event, you can set the Rating by calling the setEventRating method for the SDK.
Search String String To pass in the Search String tied to an Event, you can set the Search String by calling setEventSearchString method for the SDK.
Currency Code Double The SDK sets the currency to “USD” by default. You can override the default currency by setting the currency using the “setCurrencyCode” method. Please see ISO Currency Codes for a list of acceptable currency codes.
Custom Attributes String To pass in any specific attribute about an event, the SDK provides setEventAttribute1 through setEventAttribute5 methods so you can associate arbitrary string content with any event.
Event Characteristics
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