Settings for Advanced Tracking

All of the native platforms and plugins in Attribution Analytics (AA) support a wide array of custom settings that you can use to identify your sessions and events. Collecting additional attributes for all of your app events is extremely important because the collected data can provide valuable insight into how your audience interacts with your app and how this impacts your ability to build effective and profitable advertising campaigns.

The following table shows a complete list of all the Advanced Tracking setter methods that you can call in the AA SDK. To find the appropriate calls, select the platform/plugin that your app supports. For information about more custom setter methods, please visit the Custom SDK Settings.

Advanced Tracking

Setting Description
App Level Ad Tracking To allow users to opt-in/opt-out of app level ad tracking, you can call the “setAppAdTracking” method for the SDK. Default is YES (opt-in).
Use Cookie Tracking If you want the SDK to use cookie tracking, you can call the “setUseCookieTracking” method for the SDK. Default is NO. Make sure to set the Redirect URL in the app settings online on the TUNE website for your app. iOS Only


Advanced Tracking
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