Migrating to Android 4.8.0+

In-App Marketing will be shutting down November 1st, 2018. API calls will be removed in Tune Android & iOS SDKs v6.0.0. Customers are required to remove all code references to prevent service disruption. Please contact your Customer Success Manager with additional questions.

Complete the following guide to upgrade from TUNE Android SDK 4.x to 4.8 and above:

  1. If you are already using In-App Marketing, skip this step and continue to step 2. Otherwise complete the following 3 steps to integrate TUNE into your app:
      1. Add a custom Application class or update your Application class so that it either extends TuneApplication or that you add our activity lifecycle callbacks to it.
      2. Update your AndroidManifest.xml Application tag to reference your custom Application class.
        android:name=".MyApplication" />
    1. Tune.init needs to be called inside your Application's onCreate method.
    2. IF you support API 14 or below, update all of your Activities to extend TuneActivity OR add TUNE start/resume/stop, etc. calls. For more information about updating activities, see our Getting Started article on using API 14 or below as your minimum SDK.
  2. Remove all calls to tune.measureSession and tune.setReferralSource. TUNE calls this automatically when your Activities resume. measureSession and setReferralSource are deprecated and will be removed in the 5.0 version of the TUNE Android SDK.
  3. Any calls to tune.checkForDeferredDeeplink or tune.setDeeplinkListener should be changed to tune.registerDeeplinkListener as of 4.8.0. checkForDeferredDeeplink and setDeeplinkListener are deprecated and will be removed in the TUNE Android SDK 5.0.

Thank you for upgrading! You are now ready to use the TUNE Android SDK v4.8.0 and above!