Measuring In-App Events

Measuring in-app events with the TUNE Marketing Console to understand how your audience interacts with your mobile app directly impacts your ability to build effective and profitable advertising campaigns. For information about which in-app events to log, please visit In-App Events: Which Ones You Should be Measuring and Why.

By analyzing the interactions that users have with your app, you can:

(1) Enable Re-Targetings

Logging app events creates an easier way to reach your existing audience for other campaigns (re-target your current audience for new and relevant campaigns), and also specific subsets of users based on their actions within your app.

(2) Understand Your App’s Audience

You can log custom app events for any actions that a user makes in your app (for example, making payments or achieving a level in a game) and then view demographic information for each group of users who performed these actions.

(3) Analyze and Optimize Retention and LTV (Lifetime Value)

You can use app events to better understand the engagement and return-on-investment (ROI) derived from your mobile campaigns. If you’re logging app events, then MAT shows them as different types of events in reporting so you can see which campaigns drove what actions within your app.

To log the events that occur within your app, configure the SDK to log the in-app events that interest you. Below is a complete list of all of the pre-defined events (grouped by category) that TUNE supports natively, along with the attributes to collect for each event. Some attributes are required while others are optional, but we highly recommend collecting these optional attributes whenever possible (the granularity and knowledge gained from analyzing your reports is dependent on how much you log–the more you log, the greater and deeper the insight gained from the collected data).

Things to keep in mind:

  • By default, TUNE rejects all duplicate requests for the same event made by the same user/device within a one-hour window.
  • For the Attribution Analytics solution only, there is a maximum event limit per mobile app of 100 events.
  • Only the “Reservation” and “Purchase” events measure revenue.  If you want to measure revenue for other events, you need to enable Revenue Aggregation.

In-App Events

Developer Topics

Advanced Event Functionality

Learn how to build your own custom events, include event items and more.