Measuring Facebook App Campaigns

As of Thursday, 3rd August, TUNE is no longer using deep linking to measure Facebook. Should you have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Support, 24x7.


Facebook recently changed their deep link measurement policy to no longer allow the use of deep links for measurement or tracking purposes.

To make absolutely certain that TUNE adheres to the terms and policies required by Facebook, and to remove any potential liability for our customers, TUNE is removing this portion of Facebook measurement that relies on deep links, both through access in the platform as well as through Facebook’s API endpoint for deep links. Any campaign previously set up with deep link measurement will no longer return device level attribution.

Any measurement that uses a standard TUNE link will continue, but measuring Mobile Apps via deep linking, for Facebook, has been discontinued at this time.

As the Facebook Terms and Conditions are retroactive, they apply to both existing and new campaigns.  Therefore, to be compliant with Facebook’s terms, we have disabled deep linking measurement for existing campaigns.

This means that TUNE will no longer provide device level data typically provided by a Facebook recognized Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP), removing the ability to de-duplicate installs for Facebook against other ad partners or calculate LTV of users that came from Facebook outside of Facebook’s own reporting. If you need device level data for these reasons, we are happy to work with you, and an MMP, to ensure you get access to the device level insights you need.

You will still continue to see aggregate level measurement of Facebook through the Ad Partner ROAS report in Multiverse; showing you install, clicks, and impression counts along with the cost and ROAS associated with your Facebook app campaigns. We are also currently working on bringing this data into a report for consumption directly within your Attribution Analytics account.

Finally,  if you are already sharing all of your app installs and events with Facebook for overall reporting and optimization, we will continue to do so to ensure the continuous optimization or performance of any current campaigns. Of course you will still see aggregate level measurement through Facebook Reporting.