Manually Installing the TUNE Android SDK via AAR

Downloading the SDK

  1. Log into your TUNE account to add your app to the Attribution Analytics platform.
  2. Once you've added your app, click Download SDK.

Installing the SDK

To manually install the latest TUNE SDK via the AAR distribution:

  1. In Android Studio, go to File -> New -> New Module -> Import .JAR/.AAR Package.
  2. Select the TuneMarketingConsoleSDK-X.X.X.aar file and create the subproject.
  3. Now that the TuneMarketingConsoleSDK-X.X.X subproject has been created in your project, include it in your app's build.gradle:
    api project (':TuneMarketingConsoleSDK-X.X.X')
  4. Include the Play Install Referrer library and import it into your project.
    implementation ''

    If you receive an error after adding this dependency, check that your top-level build.gradle contains a reference to:

    maven { url "" }
  5. Install the Android Support V4 library and import it into your project.
    implementation ''