iOS SDK Implementation Troubleshooting




Please print a hard copy of this checklist to refer to as you go through the steps.

How do I resolve discrepancies between TUNE Marketing Console (TMC) and my partner?

Is the advertiser ID and conversion key set correctly?

Is the app setup in the TMC platform?

Does the app’s Apple Bundle ID match the package name in theTMC platform?
If they don’t match, then the TMC platform logs data to a new app with the actual package name, so remember to setup the app with the correct package name in the TMC system.

How do I find my iTunes® App Store URL?

How do I test the iOS SDK Implementation?

How do I allow my device to send more than one install?
Enable SDK debug mode or add a test profile for your device. Otherwise TMC blocks duplicate installs from the same device.

What does it mean if an install or event is ‘rejected’?

Can I test installs with TestFlight?

How do I find my MAC Address or Advertiser Identifier on my iOS Device?

How does the TMC attribute installs?

How do I view organic (non-partner) data in reports?

How do I compare installs to Apple iTunes reports (to ensure no discrepancies)?

Why do I see a huge spike of total installs on the first day? This does not match the store reports.
This issue can occur if your SDK implementation uses measureSession for your existing users without setExistingUser.

My app uses an external SDK (such as Corona) that does not allow me to include a framework. Is there a way that I can access the .a file for the TUNE iOS SDK?
The Tune.framework, available for download from the TUNE web site, is simply a folder structure that wraps the Tune.a and MobileAppTracker.h files. To access the Tune.a file, open Finder and navigate to the Tune.framework/Versions/A folder, copy out the Tune file and rename it to Tune.a.

My data looks good but I’m having trouble exporting it through a Postback!