In-App Purchase Verification

The revenue reporting features in the TUNE Marketing Console contain advanced receipt validation mechanisms that independently verify every in-app purchase. This feature eliminates revenue from fraudulent purchases and ensures that the revenue number you see in our dashboard is the most accurate.

In-app purchases via Apple iTunes or Google Play will be measured as events in the TMC. The verification process for in-app purchases works by our SDK collecting the receipt data (iOS)/receipt IDs (Android) for the in-app purchases, after which the SDK notifies our platform of these in-app purchases with the purchase validation status set to pending. The platform then queries the store API to confirm if the in-app purchase was verified. Only verified in-app purchases are measured as approved events and revenue is subsequently incremented.

Verification Process

The verification process is a separate and independent process that happens after the event is measured and attributed. Due to this sequence, the verification process will never lag / delay the measuring and attribution processes.

Since our SDKs are set up to support the collection of the receipt data (iOS)/receipt IDs (Android) from Apple iTunes and Google Play, when implemented, these values are included when measuring an in-app purchase event. When a request to measure an event for a purchase includes a receipt (iOS)/receipt ID (Android), the MAT platform automatically tries to verify it with Apple iTunes or Google Play.


When TUNE measures the event with a receipt ID, the event's purchase validation status is set to "Pending". Then 60 minutes after the event is measured, it is queued in the verification process, which takes the receipt ID (Android) / receipt (iOS) and queries the Apple iTunes API or Google Play API to see if the purchase was successful or not.

If the purchase was successful, TUNE sets the event's purchase validation status to "Verified" and increments revenue accordingly. If the purchase was not successful, then MAT sets the event's purchase validation status to "Failed" and no revenue is incremented. This process also checks for and blocks duplicate purchases being sent based on receipt ID.

NOTE: If you offer auto-renewable digital subscriptions in your iOS app, you need to provide your iTunes Connect Shared Secret to enable TUNE to use for validation. Auto-renewable subscriptions allow users to purchases in-app content, and the purchase is automatically renewed at the end of the period unless the user chooses to cancel the subscription.

Android & iOS Setup

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