Implementing a Deferred Deep Link

While standard deep links work great for redirecting your existing users (who already installed your app) to a specific screen or page within your app, they do not work for new users because new users get redirected to an app store to download the advertised app (then on first app open, these users see the app's default splash screen instead of the specified deep link).

With deferred deep linking, TUNE persists the deep link in an internal deep link database/registry and makes it available for app open events. So whether users are existing or new, each app open event initiates a lookup to retrieve a deferred deep link (if available). This persistence and retrieval service enables new users to reach a particular deep link after app install. For more information about deferred deep linking, visit Deferred Deep Linking with Attribution Analytics.

There are two ways to implement deferred deep linking:

  1. Through the TUNE SDK (as described on this page)
  2. Through server-to-server API calls (as described at Retrieving Deferred Deep Links from API)

To enable deferred deep linking, the following are required:


Select a preferred platform.
Select a preferred platform.
Select a preferred platform.

For more information about TUNE response methods, visit Reading Server Responses.