Finding Your Advertiser ID and Conversion Key

The SDK requires passing in your TUNE Advertiser ID and app Conversion Key as initialization parameters. You can find these values from the TUNE dashboard.

  1. Login to TUNE.
  2. In the navigation panel (on the left side), click Mobile Apps link to open the list of Mobile Apps.
  3. Get the advertiser id and conversion key using one of the following two ways:
    • Click a mobile app title from the list (on the right side) to open the app’s Details page. Under the Details section, you will find the Advertiser ID and Conversion Key fields. fin_advertiser_id1


    • Click the Download SDK button placed above the Mobile Apps list (on the right hand side). When the Download SDK popup shows up select the target app using the drop-down list. Under the Tracking Info section, you will find the Advertiser ID and Conversion Key fields. find_advertiser_id_2


  4. Pass the above Advertiser ID and Conversion Key values to the Tune constructor in your SDK implementation.