Event Function Templates

The measureEvent method is designed to measure in-app user actions and allows you to define the event name dynamically, as well as use specific events that Attribution Analytics (AA) supports natively. If you have a particular event that you want to start measuring, then call measureEvent with the event name set to whatever type of event you are logging (for example, “registration” or “purchase”).

For information about the events that AA supports natively, please visit AA Native Event Types.

After you log these events, you can find them in AA by viewing Reports > Logs > Events. Then you can filter the report by the event that you specified in the measureEvent call.

For information about events that you only want logged once per device/user, please visit Block Duplicate Request Setting for Events.

Note: Before calling the measureEvent method, use the parameters for gender, age, and user_id (plus, fb_user_id,twitter_user_id, google_user_id, etc.) so they can be associated with all of the events that you’re measuring. You only need to do so once with each app release, not before each measureAction/measureEvent call. To do so, please refer to Custom SDK Settings forum.

We have provided function templates for each platform/plugin below, showing the various invocations and argument options for each. You can insert the appropriate arguments based on the event that you want to log. The measureEvent function allows you to define events dynamically using the following arguments:

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