Creating Unique Package Names

If you have an Android app with a package name of “com.example” that you plan to release in multiple app stores (such as the Google Play store, the Amazon Appstore for Android, and the Samsung App Store/Samsung Galaxy Apps), then Attribution Analytics may not be able to properly attribute the install to the appropriate app because we attribute based on platform (iOS/Android) and package name (and all package names are the same in this case–“com.example”).

All apps registered within Attribution Analytics MUST have unique package names (else we cannot distinguish between them). If your app code is the same as another version registered with Attribution Analytics, both versions can have the same actual package name but one or both MUST have an Attribution Analytics-specific package name that is different from the other’s package name.

You specify the package name when you add your mobile app in Attribution Analytics. Then the package name is listed on the app details page in Attribution Analytics.

If your app code is completely new (or similar but different from another version), then it is not necessary to use an Attribution Analytics-specific package name because there will be no conflict between package names.

To use an Attribution Analytics-specific package name for your app:

Note: An Attribution Analytics-specific package name and conditional can be in any of your apps and app versions registered with Attribution Analytics.

  1. Create an app in Attribution Analytics for one of the apps with a slightly different package name (for example, the “Samsung version” of your app may have the Attribution Analytics-specific package name “”).
  2. In your app source code:
    • Before the first TUNE measurement call, add a conditional that if the app is a Samsung build, the conditional calls the Tune method setPackageName(String). For example: setPackageName("")
    • Use your app’s REAL/functional package name when defining your Android manifest.
    • Register your app with the appropriate app store (for example, the Samsung Seller Store).
    • Add your app and its Attribution Analytics-specific package name to Attribution Analytics.

During operations, the Tune call overrides the functional package name in the Tune object with the Attribution Analytics-specific package name. So when your app makes a measurement call, Attribution Analytics matches the call to your app via its Attribution Analytics-specific package name.

Now your Google, Amazon, and Samsung apps will attribute correctly to their own apps in Attribution Analytics, without any actual package name change.

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