Content View

The “content view” event occurs when a user views a specific piece of content or product. If it is a product and not just content, then set the event items payload with one item.

  • User ID (recommended)
  • Facebook User ID (recommended if authentication with Facebook)
  • Twitter User ID (recommended if authentication with Twitter)
  • Google User ID (recommended if authentication with Google)
  • Latitude (optional)
  • Longitude (optional)
  • Altitude (optional)
  • Currency Code (optional)
  • Content Viewed Array of a single event item that is being viewed (required, if product)
    • Event item (SKU) for a purchase should include:
      • Name – name of the item
      • Product ID – SKU
      • Unit Price – individual price of one unit
      • Quantity – number of items purchased
      • Revenue – total value of the purchase
Content View
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Note: In-App Marketing does not support events or event item data for Content View. Please see Event Measurement and the Event Tags documentation for more information.