Checkout Initiated

Similar to the purchase event, but TUNE logs this event immediately after the desired items (products) are defined and the user initiates the checkout process.

You can use this “checkout initiated” event to determine which products a client did not complete purchasing (the items that they abandoned). You can use this abandoned product data to re-market to the user and encourage them to complete their purchase.

  • User ID (recommended)
  • Facebook User ID (recommended if authentication with Facebook)
  • Twitter User ID (recommended if authentication with Twitter)
  • Google User ID (recommended if authentication with Google)
  • Latitude (optional)
  • Longitude (optional)
  • Altitude (optional)
  • Event Items Array of event items that were added to the cart (required)
    • Event item should include:
      • Name – name of the item
      • Product ID – SKU
      • Unit Price – individual price of one unit
      • Quantity – number of items purchased
      • Revenue – total value of the purchase
  • Order or Receipt ID (required; passed as referenceID into measureEvent)
  • Revenue (recommended; passed into measureEvent)
  • Currency Code (recommended if Revenue set; passed into measureEvent)
Checkout Initiated
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Note: In-App Marketing does not support events or event item data for Checkout Initiated. Please see Event Measurement and the Event Tags documentation for more information.