Attributing with UIID for iOS Apps in APAC

In many countries (such as Japan) across the Asia Pacific (APAC) region, a significant portion of advertising partners (publishers) use the Unique Installation Identifier (UIID) for identifying unique and distinct app installs on iOS. For information about UIID, please visit

Similar to the other unique device identifiers that Attribution Analytics (AA) uses for mobile app attribution, when UIID is passed into the TUNE link on click (and the TUNE SDK is set up to collect the value on install), AA performs attribution using unique identifier matching.

UIID Collected in SDK on Install

To set up the TUNE iOS SDK for UIID collection, use our "setUIID" method.

Parameter Description Android iOS
UIID The Unique Installation Identifier (UIID) of the device.
Generate this value using the official implementation according to:
N/A setUIID:

Partners who collect UIID must pass this value on click into the advertiser TUNE link. Specifically, partners pass the UIID into the "device_id_md5" parameter of AA:


In the example above, replace "UIID-value-here" with the real UIID value that is 32 characters long, as shown in the following example TUNE link:{UIID-value-here}