Add to Wishlist

Similar to the Add to Cart event, but instead of the user intending to buy the product now, they’re saving the product to a list to buy in the future.

  • User ID (recommended)
  • Facebook User ID (recommended if authentication with Facebook)
  • Twitter User ID (recommended if authentication with Twitter)
  • Google User ID (recommended if authentication with Google)
  • Latitude (optional)
  • Longitude (optional)
  • Altitude (optional)
  • Currency Code (optional)
  • Items Added to Wishlist Array of event items added to wishlist (required)
    • Event item should include:
      • Name – name of the item
      • Product ID – SKU
      • Unit Price – individual price of one unit
Add to Wishlist
Select a preferred platform.

Note: In-App Marketing does not support events or event item data for Add to Wishlist. Please see Event Measurement and the Event Tags documentation for more information.