download exports Method

Finds and exports requested queue (by job_id) and provides URL location for download.

NOTE: This endpoint is rate limited at 480 requests per hour.

advertiser_id UrlYour Attribution Analytics Advertiser ID; accessible via the Advertiser Account Details page.
api_key StringYour API Key; accessible via your User Details page of your Attribution Analytics account.
job_id UrlThe ID returned by the log export queue.

GET Response Notes

Status of the report on export queue and the report download link in a JSON object or CSV matching your search criteria.

Name Description
status Possible values: pending, running, complete, fail
url The URL from which you can download the export.
percent_complete In v3, this value only returns 0 or 100, and will not show values in between. Use 'lines_exported' below for granular progress indication, and use percent_complete == 100 to determine when the export is complete. We recommend polling no more frequently than every 5-10 minutes, otherwise, you may hit the maximum rate limit of 480 requests per hour for the 'download' endpoint.
context Message containing information about the number of lines completed or errors.
lines_exported Number of lines currently exported. There is no way of predicting in advance how many lines an export will contain, but if this number continues growing, the export is not yet finished.

API Call Builder

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