advertiser/stats/retention/reduced/export Method

api_key StringYour API Key; accessible on your User Details page of your TMC account.
start_date DatetimeThe beginning datetime for the requested results.
end_date DatetimeThe end datetime for the requested results.
cohort_type StringNone
intervalStringNoneShow Supported Values
filterFilterFilter by fields and boolean operators against fields of the ReportingReport_Retention model.Show Filterable Fields
fieldsArrayList of fields from the ReportingReport_Retention model desired in results. Defaults to display all fields.Show Supported Values
sortSortFields of ReportingReport_Retention followed by the direction (asc or desc). Results can be sorted with multiple fields and directions.Show Sortable Fields
groupArrayNoneShow Supported Values
response_timezoneTimezoneTimezone in which result dates are conveyed; defaults to the timezone set in your account.

GET Response Notes


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