Resource Authentication & User Permissions

Calls to the TUNE API require an api_key query string parameter to be passed with each request.

  • api_key – API Keys are generated on a per-user basis, are permanent, and calls using an API Key are only allowed from devices with known IP addresses.

User Permissions with API Key

Since API Keys are on a per-user basis, they inherit the user’s permissions because user permissions (ACLs) are enforced server-side in the TUNE API. Thus, the API Key should be associated with the user with the permissions you want applied.

Before using the TUNE API, you will need to create an API Key.

Generating an API Key

To generate an API Key, complete the following steps:

  1. In the navigation (on the left side), under the Accounts section, click Users.
  2. On the Users page, select the desired user.
  3. On the User Details page, click the API Keys tab (near the top), and then click Add API Key.
  4. In the Create API Key dialog box, enter a whitelisted IP address (optional), and then click Save. (These are the IP addresses that access the API. If you make your API requests from a server, then include its external IPs as well. To get your external IP address for the “Whitelist IP Addresses” list for the new API Key, please visit
  5. After adding your new API Key, it's displayed in the list for that user.

If you do not have access to the Account tab, ask a co-worker (who does have access) to generate an API Key for you.

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