Obtaining Your Private API Key

Each request to measure installs and/or events must be authenticated. The authentication method requires a public key (Consumer Key) and signature seeded with a Private Key. These two keys are associated with a user’s single API Key.

  • Private Key – This is the Private key that will be used to generate the signature on both the client and server but will not be included in the request.
  • Consumer Key – This is the public key that will be included with each request so the Private Key used to create the signature can be identified. NOTE: Please contact your TUNE Sales Engineer to obtain your Consumer Key.

When the Measurement API receives requests, it will use the Consumer Key and Private Key to re-generate the hash and determine if the signature provided with the request matches the re-generated signature. Invalid requests will be rejected.

To obtain your Private Key to send requests to the TUNE APIs:

  1. Log into your Attribution Analytics account.
  2. Under the Accounts section, click Users.
  3. Click on the user you want to add an API key for.
  4. On the API Keys tab, click Add API Key.get_api_key1
  5. OPTIONAL Provide the IP address of the device that will be  using the API key.get_api_key2
  6. Click Save.

NOTE: You must have Full access to your Attribution Analytics account to create/edit API keys. To learn more the various levels of permissions, please read Defining User Roles, Permissions and Access.

Have a Question? Please contact support@branch.io for technical support.