Measuring Impressions

The Measurement API can be used to measure views of ads as impressions. If you are measuring impressions with us, the data can be used for view-through attributions by Identifier Matching. We don’t support view-through attributions by any other attribution method. If you don’t have any device identifiers for attribution by Identifier Matching, you can still measure impressions with us.

Base URL

The base domain for the Measurement API:

YOUR_PUBLISHER_ID should be replaced with the ID of the publisher account that you’re using (as defined by MAT).

Required Impression Parameters

The basic URL to measure impressions will also include:

    1. action=impression
    2. publisher_id – ID of publisher created by MAT and provided by advertiser
    3. site_id – ID of the mobile app created by MAT and provided by advertiser

Advertisers may specify these parameters as well:

    • campaign_id – ID of the mobile app created by MAT and provided by advertiser

Additional Required parameters

Since you’ll be notifying us of clicks to this Measurement API likely server-side or asynchronously click-side, you will need to add these additional parameters to all Measurement URLS for clicks:

  1. device_ip – IP address of the user device recorded on conversion. You can find the device IP in the header of the request that you receive from the user device.
  2. response_format=json – Notifies the MAT platform that server-side attribution is being used and returns a server-friendly json response.

If you can’t include the device ip, please set our country code.

  • country_code – The ISO ALPHA-2 or ISO ALPHA-3 value of the country. For a complete list of ISO-compliant country codes, please visit Country Codes.

Required Cost parameters

Our Measurement API supports two required parameters to collect cost data dynamically so we can provide cost reconciliation and ROI analysis:

  1. cost_model – predefined values of one these supported models when measuring impressions you use to bill clients for their marketing campaigns:
    • cpv – Cost per View (Impression)
    • cpm – Cost per 1000 Impressions
    • cpi – Cost per Install
    • cpa – Cost per Action
    • cpo– Cost per Open
  2. cost – Amount of cost formatted as float. Supports 5 decimal places. Must be in USD.

Learn more about how we support Collecting Cost Data Dynamically in Measurement URLs.

Your Optimization Parameters

You can also include sub parameters to allow clients to gain more valuable insight into their advertising campaign performance.

  • sub_publisher – Name or ID of the down-stream publisher.
  • sub_site – Name or ID of the site or mobile app the campaign is in/on.
  • sub_campaign – Name or ID of the campaign on in partner’s platform.
  • sub_adgroup – Name or ID of the ad group in campaign on partner’s platform.
  • sub_ad – Name or ID of an ad in campaign on partner’s platform.
  • sub_keyword – Name or ID of the keyword specific to Google AdWords integration and other search campaigns.
  • sub_placement – Name or ID of an ad placement (position of ad on a web site or in an app).

Your Reconciliation Parameters

If you have your own impression ID that you need for us to pass back to you in server postback notifications, please use our ref_id parameter.

  • ref_id – Internal reference ID parameter that you can use for your own ID values (such as impression or session ID). This reference ID is typically used by publishers for reconciliation with their own third-party system.

We also support five additional sub parameters. These additional parameters are available in the Log and Server Postback reports, and typically store unique information.

  • sub1 – String of additional information specified by you.
  • sub2 – String of additional information specified by you.
  • sub3 – String of additional information specified by you.
  • sub4 – String of additional information specified by you.
  • sub5 – String of additional information specified by you.

Methods for View-through Attribution

Our Measurement API only supports view-through attribution by device identifiers. If you don’t have any device identifiers for attribution, we can still measure impressions but won’t use those impressions to conduct view-through attribution.

Using Device Identifiers

To use unique identifier matching for attribution, we require you to append the following three parameters to Measurement URLS for impressions:

  • google_aid – The Google Advertising Identifier or the Android ID (Android only).
  • ios_ifa – The Apple Identifier for Advertisers value (iOS only).
  • windows_aid – The Windows Advertising Identifier (Windows only).

To collect these values from an SDK, use the appropriate platform code snippets found at Settings for Device Identifiers.
Example Measurement URL for Impression:


    "success": true,
    "url": null,
    "tracking_id": "2b3b22ec446a5042d0575551fd2f95e9",
    "log_id": "0a0313df7a5044591d-20140626-877",
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