Google Play Referrer Attribution with Measure Session

Using the TUNE SDK for Android 4.15.1, we attribute installs via the Google Play App Install Referrer API.

In order for our Measurement API to be able to attribute installs to Google Play with measure session (SDK-less implementation), it requires that:

  1. Your apps collect the Google Play App Install Referrer attribution information and send it to your servers.
  2. Your servers include the Google Play App Install Referrer attribution information when notifying TUNE to measure the install.

When the request to measure a session for a new user includes the Google Play App Install Referrer attribution information, our Measurement API will use the value during the attribution process accordingly.


Collecting Google Play App Install Referrer Attribution

Please follow Google's Google Play Install Referrer Guide to ensure you are securely retrieving referral content from Google Play.

Google Play App Install Referrer Response Data

Key Type Description
install_referrer String The referrer url of the installed package.
referrer_click_timestamp_seconds long The timestamp in seconds when referrer click happens.
install_begin_timestamp_seconds long The timestamp in seconds when installation begins.

Including Google Play App Install Referrer Attribution with Measure Session

Include the Google Play App Install Referrer attribution data with the very first session request.

Request URL with Google Play App Install Referrer Info Example

Very First Session Request:

Mapping Response Data to TUNE Fields

Google Play Parameter TUNE Parameter
install_referrer referral_url
referrer_click_timestamp_seconds click_timestamp
install_begin_timestamp_seconds download_date
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