advertiser Controller

Advertisers are the entities offering products or services to consumers over the (desktop or mobile) web or via a mobile app.


Child Endpoints


Ad networks are companies that aggregate inventory from many publishers (large and small) and align it with advertiser demand.


An advertising agency - full access or limited - creates, plans and handles the advertising of your mobile apps for you.


Campaigns are a management layer in Attribution Analytics between your mobile app and your publishers. A campaign helps you manage multiple publisher relationships.


Default events for your postback URLs at an account level that "pre-populate" each time you add a partner (added partners will automatically receive postback notifications for the default events that you select).


A user clicking a measurement URL is the primary mechanism for initiating a measurement session in Attribution Analytics. The click is then associated with a subsequent install (or in-app event) and is attributed to the ad network or publisher responsible for influencing the user to install the mobile app (or perform an in-app event).


Publishers are the producers of sites that display digital content for the consumer audience. Advertiser products or services are promoted on publisher sites.


Reports can be set up to run on all report types, with various fields/filters/sorts with differeing time intervals.


To log click and installation events from TUNE to a custom Amazon S3™ bucket (directory) in your Amazon Web Services™ (AWS) account, you can query the API to retrieve a list of log files and their download links.


The device-specific profile of a site; your mobile app.

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