Accessing TUNE API Endpoints

API Service URL for Accessing Endpoints

The base Service URL for the TUNE API with currently available version is:

Endpoint paths are appended to the Service URL+Version by following these guidelines:

  • All elements of the endpoint’s path must be in lowercase.
  • Endpoint paths must start with a base endpoint, for example /advertiser
  • Paths may extend from here with one or more child endpoints, for example /accounts

Example MAT API request with controller path:

Layout of API Endpoints

The Management API has 10 endpoints that start at the base of the Service URL, also referred to as Root Endpoints:

  • (2) Read/Write Data Consumers – /account/, /advertiser/
  • (6) Read/Only Data Consumers – /browser_platform/, /browsers/, /countries/, /currency_exchange_rates/, /languages/, /regions/
  • (2) Generic Service – /export/, /session/



For example, the /account/ endpoint has a cascading set of sub-category data consumers, except for one endpoint (/account/users/password/) that accesses a service. Note how the endpoint paths extend from the base.



All active endpoints that provide either service or data-consuming functionality have one or more actions. However, there are some endpoints whose parent endpoint is only a category reference, and not an active endpoint with actions. For example, the /session/endpoint has no actions; therefore, it is not an active endpoint and should not be used. However, this path does have sub-categories that are all active service endpoints:


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